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TackleFrequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find a tackle store near me?
There are 3 ways to find a tackle store. You can use the search in the upper left of every screen, You can click on a state on the map or you can use the pulldown directory just above the map. This will return results for that location and link to the details of the store.

2. I don’t see my store, how do I get listed?

It’s easy to get listed on TackleStores.net. Just click the “Sponsors” link on the main menu and select “Sign Up” then select a sponsor level of service, fill in the required information, enter your credit card and that’s it! Your sponsor page detail will now be available to all users looking for you.

3. How much does it cost to get listed?

There are three levels of sponsorship and each has a 1 or 2 year subscription rate.
Level 1: $9.99 – 1 month
Level 2: $14.99 – 1 month
Level 3: $29.99 – 1 month
Details can be found here on the “Pricing” page

4. How can I advertise on TackleStores.net?

There are a number of opportunities to advertise on TackleStores.net. Click the “Advertising” link under “Sponsors” on the main menu for information. There are various banner ads available for run of site as well as special sponsor locations on the home page.

5. I don’t have a banner but would like to advertise. Can you help me?

Yes TackleStores.net is supported by our creative staff and can provide creative services for ad banner creation, special promotions and even full web site design and development. You can learn more about our services here at FishReports.com.

6. Can I get help setting up my sponsor page?

Yes we provide customer service to help guide you through the process. You can also get creative support to create a business logo, image formatting or content creation. Contact us at (775) 220-3439 we are here to help.

7. How do I access my TackleStores.net account?

Click the “Login” button in the upper right of the screen from any page and you will be able to access your account setting once you have become part of the TackleStores.net system.

8. How many bait and tackle, marine services, marinas, boat sales and services, sporting goods stores and online tackle are on TackleStores.net?

We currently have over 10,000 listings across the United States. We are always adding more as we expand our services and add more sponsors.

9. Don’t see your store listed here?

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If you have any specific question that are not answered here please contact us and we can answer them for you.